New-Used Cars: Be Smart Before You Buy!

by Dennis Sweet, Cars for Keeps Customer Service Manager

Have you bought something and regretted it afterwards? I’m sure we all have. While there’s nothing we at Cars for Keeps can recommend for shopping sprees, we can help you feel better about your used car purchase, while saving you money down the road.

When you’re shopping for a new-to-you vehicle, everything looks good! New used cars are shiny, have less miles than your vehicle, and they’re new and different to you. Buying that used car sounds like fun, it’s in a price range you can afford, and you really like how it looks. You buy it, you feel good and then you bring it in for its first service visit. The auto garage brings you back a list of items which need to be fixed three pages long! You get the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, you are angry, disappointed and you begin to realize that your decision to purchase that vehicle may not have been a good one.

I hope you never find yourself in this situation. At Cars for Keeps, we can ensure that this never happens to you by performing a pre-purchase used car inspection on any vehicle you’re considering purchasing. This a bumper to bumper inspection, after which we provide you with complete list of items that a vehicle needs or is going to need in the near future. This way, you know what repairs a vehicle needs and what its true working condition is, so you can make the best, most educated decision. We have helped my clients over the past 20 years with this decision making process.

When if you find yourself looking for a different vehicle, happy hunting!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Service Manager,